Echo Cliffs in August: An Evolv Cruizers Review

I decided to finally get myself a pair of approach shoes (I am considering it a late birthday present to myself)! The Evolv Cruizers are probably the flimsiest approach shoe you can get, however, they are light weight, extremely comfortable AND (most importantly) aesthetically appealing (I’m seriously considering wearing them to work, as any REAL badass climber chick would). Now, I had never worn an approach shoe before, so I had no sense of how AWESOME the first approach in them would be. Here’s an idea:

Me: Erik, I need help, this is too steep, I am going to slip, put out your haaaand!!!!!!!

Erik: Dude, you are wearing approach shoes (keeps hands at side).

Me: (slowly creeping down the questionable rock) Woah!!! I’m not slipping!!!! I’m like a lizard!!!!

I then proceeded to clean an EZ route on Easy Street while wearing the Cruizer’s, and enjoyed the least painful climb of my life.

Evolv Cruiser's in Slate

Evolv Cruiser’s in Slate (Click on the pic for a link to the website)

So, all in all, approach shoes are pretty awesome and the Cruizer’s are comfy and cute. What else could a badass climber chick ask for?


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