My First Quickdraws

By: Sheila Estaniel

I remember the day I got my first set of quickdraws: a pack of six Black Diamond PosiWires, courtesy of my annual REI dividend.


I just did my first outdoor lead climb, and I couldn’t wait to progress with my climbing adventures. After my purchase, I went home, put on my harness, hung each of those bad boys on the side loops, and watched myself in the mirror as I swayed my hips back and forth to create the most beautiful sound of metal softly hitting metal. I felt so official!

I used them for the first time at Holcomb Valley Pinnacles near Big Bear. There are not many feelings as exciting as breaking in your new gear. I had the biggest smile on my face as I clipped each shiny draw on the bolts of this slabby route on Motherlode:


Now that I’m not such a noob anymore, I realize the 1.6 lbs of extra weight might be a bit heavier than I’d prefer.  For my first set, though, I was pretty happy with the quality and price of Black Diamond’s quickdraws.


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