Maple Canyon

By: Sheila Estaniel

I went to Utah recently and found my new favorite place to climb. Maple Canyon, considered one of the world’s destination climbing spots, made my heart skip a beat for many reasons. First of all, you get to play on natural cobblestones. My hands felt giddy feeling the different rock textures as I went up. Sometimes, I thought something would be a good hold, but it ended up too smooth and slippery. Other times, what looked like a few pebbles super glued together actually gave me a solid place to hang. It was like a yummy box of chocolates because I really didn’t know what pleasant puzzle I was going to get with each route.


We visited the area as part of an eleven day long road trip, so we unfortunately only got one full day of climbing there. We arrived at night and pitched our tents in the dark. I woke up to this view:


The weather was very gloomy during our morning hike to the crags (we went in the middle of July), but the sun eventually showed its face.

The climb I enjoyed the most was on Pipedream. Here’s Chris Sharma during the time he  on-sighted every route there,  including a 14b:

Photo source: DPM Climbing

Here’s little ol’ me climbing the same wall, but on a much friendlier but WAY pumpy 10b:


Overall, I had such a great time there. This place is supposed to have over 600 routes, so I definitely want to return and stay longer. Until we meet again, MC!

(Thanks to my friends Justin Kenderes and Mariam Gevorkian for these awesome shots of me at Maple Canyon, btw. =)


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