Climber’s Guide To Instagram

Source: CruxCrush

Congrats, you’ve mastered capturing the morning sunlight on your breakfast and taking, like, the dreamiest selfies. By this point, you’re practically a professional photographer. It’s time to step up your game, share your talent with the masses, and document some seriously epic sends and gym sessions. The world needs to see your latest proj, battle wounds, and amazing lifestyle, so here’s a point by point of how to do it.

Chalky, beat up hands.
Bonus points for blood and the quintessential flapper.

Sweeping landscape views,
with you, tiny climber, cruising a stellar line.

Bouldering pad back shots. Cute points for hand holding.

Your gear collection.
Having trad gear makes you cooler.

Bouldering sequences. Cut your feet for more likes.

Your back, looking ripped.

Climbing shoes.
On your feet, old and beat up, or fresh out da box.

Indoor climbing walls, as art.

Anchor selfies.
Good thing you brought your phone up there with you.


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